Product introduction

Product intro

Social Enterprise of Friends For Street Children Association (FFSC) has developed out of the original training programs designed to train women and girls in skills they could use to better their life.  The training programs has evolved into a sustainable business which provides employment for a small group of women and training for additional women and girls.  An overall goal of this social business is to have a positive impact on the Vietnamese society.

The program started in 1997 with the opening of a small workshop at the Binh Trieu Center. By 2006 this workshop had grown into a small factory where the women produce handmade products and it was moved to Binh An center in 2010. Besides providing these women with valuable marketable skills, this work ensures them a stable job and a sustainable income.  Today, the small factory has more than 20 experienced workers. The “factory” is a large open and airy room on the second floor of the center where the workers cut and sew the fabrics into a variety of products.  The workers share a communal lunch at midday and head home with the children at the end of the work day.

Proceeds from the sales of the products help to finance some parts of the Centers’ activities, including the Vocational Training Courses, thus creating a virtuous cycle within the community.

FFSC is open to new partnerships with textile professionals to further develop our Social Enterprise.  We are always looking for new product ideas and new markets to sell our products.

Our seamstresses at FFSC now make close to a hundred types of beautiful handicraft items. The products are made with local cotton, linen, and silk and the styles are a balance of modern and traditional Vietnamese heritage. The products include something for everyone:

1. Hand bags, purses, shoulder bags, backpacks, and cases for cell phones, Ipads and laptops

2. Woven scarves, handkerchiefs, and aprons

3. Souvenir key-chains and gift-bags

4. Table linens: table cloths, coasters, napkins,  and placemats

5. Embroidered greeting cards