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Dear Partners, Sponsors, and Volunteers,

FFSC is now serving more than 1,100 disadvantaged children. Along with educational activities through development classes, we also provide vocational training courses, scholarships for children and youth, and credit savings for children’s parents.

In order to carry out these projects, FFSC has received help and support from many organizations, companies and individuals. On behalf of over a thousand children and FFSC staff, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all our beloved partners, sponsors and volunteers.

Due to the limitations of our site, we can list here some supporters and partners. In the depth of children’s hearts and ours, we cherish all your kind supports, known or unknown, big or small.

We wish to receive your care and support, especially from those whom we have not reached yet.

FFSC continues to make efforts to effectively integrate these disadvantaged children into society through educational and self-improvement opportunities.


FFSC directress

 Nguyen Thi Bich Huyen


FFSC is always seeking motivated and passionate volunteers to support our work and we are always ready to discuss new ideas where you think you could contribute to our efforts.


Why volunteer at FFSC?

There are many reasons you should become a volunteer at FFSC. Among those are:

  • To become part of a group of supportive peers who are both colleagues and friends
  • To exercise your creativity, discipline and experiences in the service of those you care about
  • To contribute to the change for a better world.
  • To experience living diversity.


What are the typical volunteering positions?

The volunteer positions vary greatly depending on the time and skills you can offer but here are some examples.

At the FFSC Centers

  • Qualified education personnel – examples include linguistic teachers (English, Japanese, French…), vocational teacher, art teachers, pedagogical specialists, leadership training specialists and media studies personnel.

Requirements: generous, patient and enjoy working with children.

  • Experienced writers or reporters, translators.
  • Qualified healthcare / medical personnel – particularly in pediatric care, dentists and nurses.
  • Handicraft personnel: assist with product design for items produced at the social enterprise/vocational center or with promotion of the products in Vietnam and abroad.


At the head quarter:

  • Office based part time Volunteers that work at the FFSC office for a certain amount of time a week
  • Online volunteers that work from home and assist FFSC in the areas of translation, website maintenance, newsletter designs etc.
  • Volunteers who offer help in other fields, such as marketing, fundraising, event organizing or even packing products

If you have other skills and are ready to share them, we are ready to consider ideas for other activities.


We ask all potential volunteers to offer us a regular commitment whether it be a few hours a week or for a certain period of time. FFSC provides a very supportive environment for volunteers to contribute and for volunteers to learn and grow from their experiences with us.


What are the requirements to be a volunteer?

Volunteer teachers are expected to give long-term commitment because we want our volunteers to build stable relations with our children and staff at the Centers. They are expected to commit for at least 3 months, and preferably for 6 months or more.

Other volunteering actions can be done on a periodic basis and for shorter terms such as organizing an event.

Our needs for volunteers changes from time to time depending on what is happening at FFSC, so we welcome volunteer applications throughout the year.


Thus, if you are ready to challenge yourself and make a change, click on the button below and fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Or you can download the form here and email to

We will contact you within 07 working days.

Thank you for your support to FFSC.


Testimony from our previous volunteers:

. Mr. Jon Clarke – an Australian photojournalist 

. Internship Lessons from FFSC –Emily Gregowske is a post graduate student from Social Work School of Monmouth University in the US, who has been 2 months (Mid of February to April 2013) working as an intern with FFSC.

. Notes from a volunteer

. In Collaboration With FFSC: Miss Flectcher Jessica Mary is a Bristish teacher.


A working period at FFSC can be designed as part of your studies (social, economic development, ESL studies, etc.). We are ready to work with you during your internship period to design a program and working schedule to optimize the experience. We will also provide as much support as we can to help you achieve your goals of internship.

What are the conditions for the intern?

Preparatory period

• Have the capacity to work with disadvantaged children and their families

• Be adaptable and courageous to cope with a new environment and challenging situations

• Provide a CV and a letter of request from your college/university describing clearly the expectations and purpose of the internship

• Provide contact information at the college/university for the project sponsor / instructor.


During the internship

• Carefully follow all the guidance from the staff at the FFSC centers related to the program(s) such as timetable, activities, use of equipment, foods, etc.

• Meet regularly with the assigned FFSC supervisor for direction and feedback

• Maintain a diary on a daily basis documenting your experiences of the day to day events as well as the learning you received from participation

• Attend an ending evaluation with the FFSC supervisor and present an overview of the experience from a personal and a learning perspective.


FFSC is committed to:

• Contact with the project sponsor / instructor and the intern(s) prior to initiation of the project as well as during the internship to clarify expectations and concerns regarding the internship.

• Assign a supervisor who works with the intern throughout the length of the program.

• Conduct interim and final evaluation of the intern from a personal and educational experience.

• Supply a certificate of participation at the completion of the internship


Although we are willing to support intern to the best of our ability, candidates should be aware that conditions of participation mush be strictly followed. For Interns who fail to abide by the terms and conditions, their internships may be terminated at any time, after a two-week notice.

Or you can download the form here and email to

We will contact you within 07 working days.

Thank you for your support to FFSC.


Testimony from our previous interns:

Oli Pike & Rory Cox – English interns


FFSC programs are run in areas where the inhabitants are mostly migrants. The parents of the young children are generally poor laborers who work for hire or engage in unstable jobs such as selling lottery tickets or other small items. Consequently, some children have to help their parents collect waste plastics and others sell lottery tickets or newspapers themselves. Although the parents are aware that it is important that their children receive an education to build a stable future, but not all of these families are able to provide the necessary means for the kids to go to school.

FFSC seeks financial support for children who are facing hardships in their lives. You can help us and make a difference in the children’s lives by sponsoring one child or a group of children. With your help, the children will be able to have a happy, healthy, and protected childhood.


SPONSOR the studies of:

A single child

With your aid, a child will be able to study at one of our centers or join the regular program at a public school until (s)he graduates from high-school, or higher education range.


A group of children or students

If you want to help a group of children or students, you may do so as an individual, or as a group with your relatives, or colleagues or friends. Our experience has shown that this particular form of support has helped lessen the burdens of families facing difficult situations. Additionally, sponsoring also shows encouragement for a lot of students to thrive better in school.


  • What will a child receive when you sponsor him/her?

Scholarship awards normally cover only the cost of the education and not any living expenses.

$30 USD/month/pupil on average will help cover school fees and related expenditures such as uniform, school supplies and health insurance for the school year as well as extra-curricular programs, a health check and health treatment for common diseases, and group activities and training sessions organized for the parents.  In some special cases, transportation and living fee may also be provided to the student.


  • How does FFSC choose these children to be sponsored?

Each student, with the help of an FFSC social worker, must complete a scholarship application form that includes personal information, family’s situation, and study conditions. The student has to agree to the terms and conditions of FFSC’s scholarship program. They must request a certain amount to cover the study costs per school term.  The staff at FFSC conducts the selection process which may include an interview with the child and the family at either the office or a home visit. Each application is individually assessed based on the personal situation of the child and social criteria. (Click to view children’s application here)


  • How do we follow up with the sponsored children/students?

All the scholarship children/students are expected to achieve good results at school and are required to send their study reports to FFSC office on regular basis.  The children’s parents must attend monthly meetings at one of the FFSC centers. The children also must participate in training courses organized for them and attend quarterly meetings to receive their scholarship and exchange life values and skills.


  • How will FFSC help the benefactor and the child keep in touch?

Each year, the benefactors will receive a photo and a letter (translated based on the sponsored mother/father’s language) with information on the child’s progress such as annual updates about their grades or quarterly newsletters about activities at the child’s school and community.  Also, on request, arrangements can be made to visit the child or group you sponsored.


Please leave your contact information, and the type of program you sponsored at:

Or you can download the form here and email to

We will contact you within seven business days.

Thank you for your support to FFSC.