Phan Hoang Quang Minh Minh was adopted by a Japanese when he was in second grade. In September 2019, he graduated with a degree in landscape architecture from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. He wrote this letter to thank his godparents.

 Phan Hoang Quang Minh

My dear father, mother, and Noi.

May you be filled with many blessings and peace. I wish you all good health and happiness.

I have completed my graduation thesis after four months of hard work. This experience has been valuable for me, not only to gain occupational skills but also to learn the appropriate ethics and attitudes to help me to successfully navigate the challenges in my chosen career and in life.  I share with you my happiness in this accomplishment: Finally, I made it—I have completed my university degree. 

Recently, I was very blest to have an opportunity to meet with Andy Cao, a famous landscape architect, who chose me to be his second student. My chosen path is complicated, but I find peace and happiness in taking each step to achieve my chosen goal. 

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you for having been my companions for the past years. You were the ones who motivated me to keep going when I felt tired and wanted to give up on my thesis. 

Thank you, again, very much!

Your godson

Phan Hoang Quang Minh

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