The end of the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year was also an opportunity for the students to welcome the Lunar New Year 2019. At Binh Trieu Center, in addition to holding the First Semester Ceremony for the children in Developmental class, the Center also held a year-end activity for 33 children. Attending the event were our Souers, the benefactors, the sponsors of the Center. This year the children were especially honored to welcome Mr. Thomas Soi - founder of the Friends For Street Children Association, who always cares and looks after the children at the shelters, although he is currently living in Japan.


The year-end meeting for the children has become a traditional day at the center where love and affection of the sisters unite the children and the former students.

Everyone wishes one another the best in the coming new year.During the meeting, Sister Le Thi Thao - Chairman of the Program has encouraged the children to overcome the difficult circumstances and assured that FFSC will always support and stand by the children. She also wished the children to try their best for a brighter future.


During the meeting, the program also awarded prizes to 12 excellent students and 9 good  students.Furthermore, the students also prepared many entertainment performances for the meeting.In addition, they received lucky money from Mr. and Mrs. Frances Phil Maclaurin and the benefactors who have long been with FFSC.

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