FFSC is always seeking motivated and passionate volunteers to support our work and we are always ready to discuss new ideas where you think you could contribute to our efforts.


Why volunteer at FFSC?

There are many reasons you should become a volunteer at FFSC. Among those are:

  • To become part of a group of supportive peers who are both colleagues and friends
  • To exercise your creativity, discipline and experiences in the service of those you care about
  • To contribute to the change for a better world.
  • To experience living diversity.


What are the typical volunteering positions?

The volunteer positions vary greatly depending on the time and skills you can offer but here are some examples.

At the FFSC Centers

  • Qualified education personnel – examples include linguistic teachers (English, Japanese, French…), vocational teacher, art teachers, pedagogical specialists, leadership training specialists and media studies personnel.

Requirements: generous, patient and enjoy working with children.

  • Experienced writers or reporters, translators.
  • Qualified healthcare / medical personnel – particularly in pediatric care, dentists and nurses.
  • Handicraft personnel: assist with product design for the items produced in the social enterprise/vocational center or with promotion of the products in Vietnam and abroad.


At the head quarter:

  • Office based part time Volunteers that work at the FFSC office for a certain amount of time a week
  • Online volunteers that work from home and assist FFSC in the areas of translation, website maintenance, newsletter designs etc.
  • Volunteers who offer help in other fields, such as marketing, fundraising, event organizing or even packing products

If you have other skills and are ready to share them, we are ready to consider ideas for other activities.


We ask all potential volunteers to offer us a regular commitment whether it be a few hours a week or for a certain period of time. FFSC provides a very supportive environment for volunteers to contribute and for volunteers to learn and grow from their experiences with us.


What are the requirements to be a volunteer?

Volunteer teachers are expected to give long-term commitment because we want our volunteers to build stable relations with our children and staffs at the Centers. They are expected to commit for at least 3 months, and preferably for 6 months or more.

Other volunteering actions can be done on a periodic basis and for shorter terms such as organizing an event.

Our need for volunteer’s changes from time to time depending what is happening at FFSC, so we welcome volunteer applications throughout the year.


So, if you are ready to challenge yourself and make a change, click on the button below and fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Or you can download the form here and email to volunteer@ffscvn.org

We will contact you within 07 working days.

Thank you for your support to FFSC.


Testimony from our previous volunteers:

. Mr. Jon Clarke – an Australian photojournalist 

. Internship Lessons from FFSC –Emily Gregowske is a post graduate student from Social Work School of Monmouth University in the US, who has been 2 months (Mid of February to April 2013) working as an intern with FFSC.

. Notes from a volunteer 

. In Collaboration With FFSC: Miss Flectcher Jessica Mary is a Bristish teacher.