A working period at FFSC can be designed as part of your studies (social, economic development, ESL studies, etc.). We are ready to work with you during your internship period to design a program and working schedule to optimize the experience. We will also provide as much support as we can to help you achieve your goals of internship.

What are the conditions for the intern?

Preparatory period

• Have the capacity to work with disadvantaged children and their families

• Be adaptable and courageous to cope with a new environment and challenging situations

• Provide a CV and a letter of request from your college/university describing clearly the expectations and purpose of the internship

• Provide contact information at the college/university for the project sponsor / instructor.


During the internship

• Carefully follow all the guidance from the staff at the FFSC centers related to the program(s) such as timetable, activities, use of equipment, foods, etc.

• Meet regularly with the assigned FFSC supervisor for direction and feedback

• Maintain a diary on a daily basis documenting your experiences of the day to day events as well as the learning you received from participation

• Attend an ending evaluation with the FFSC supervisor and present an overview of the experience from a personal and a learning perspective.


FFSC is committed to:

• Contact with the project sponsor / instructor and the intern(s) prior to initiation of the project as well as during the internship to clarify expectations and concerns regarding the internship.

• Assign a supervisor who works with the intern throughout the length of the program.

• Conduct interim and final evaluation of the intern from a personal and educational experience.

• Supply a certificate of participation at the completion of the internship


Although we are willing to support intern to the best of our ability, candidates should be aware that conditions of participation mush be strictly followed. For Interns who fail to abide by the terms and conditions, their internships may be terminated at any time, after a two-week notice.

Or you can download the form here and email to

We will contact you within 07 working days.

Thank you for your support to FFSC.


Testimony from our previous interns:

Oli Pike & Rory Cox – English interns