What we do



We help disadvantaged and street children in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

At the heart of our work are seven high quality and well equipped

Development Centers located in the poorest areas of the city. Each year, our Centers welcome a large number of displaced children who have  migrated to Ho Chi Minh City from rural provinces. Our professional teachers, social workers and volunteers provide these children with chance to gain knowledge, develop their potential, and deepen life skills and values through education and training. The children leave us better equipped to intergrate into society.

We provide career orientation and work opportunities for mature children and we remain available for support, advice and friendship as they transition into young adults.

At our Development Centers we deliver training, services and resources to the parents of the children to improve their life conditions.

 Our warmer shelter is a safe place for orphans spencial disadvantaged children. Children who live here receive care and education to overcome trauma and contribute society when they reach adulthood.

We can only achieve our goals thanks to the generous support of so many concerned individuals and organisations. Regular and personal progress reports link our sponsor with the children or programmes they support. Our sponsor truly understand the difference their investment is making for disadvantaged young people.

As a bee gives honey for life, we seek to change the world by kind acts.